The Singles’ Guide to Valentine’s Day

Self-love is the best love.

Teyana Taylor

Valentine’s Day…in a nutshell- a holiday where lovers express their love through gifts and gestures that celebrated annually on February 14th. What may feel like a day to look forward to for couples, singles often dread the day and battle feelings of loneliness. But what if I told you that this should not be a day to mourn? That you can still celebrate (and enjoy the day), regardless of whether you are involved in a romantic relationship.

Couples, if you have not noticed, this may not be the post for you. If you want to exit now, I completely understand but feel free to tag along for the ride and share with a friend in need! This one is dedicated to all the lovely single people in the world.

I have compiled a simple guide to enjoy this upcoming Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Days to come. I hope when you read this, you feel inspired, positive, and excited to celebrate the national day of love.

Don’t know how? Check out these tips below!

Shift Your Perspective

You may come across articles that tell you to act like Valentine’s Day does not exist. That you do not have to acknowledge it just because society tells you to. To just simply ignore it and treat it like any ordinary day, and I can understand if you feel this way. But I would like to challenge you to do the exact opposite. To allow yourself to feel like you are not missing out on a holiday and truly embrace it with open arms.

Love is a universal language and despite what the textbook definition may elude, love can be expressed and celebrated in nonromantic and platonic ways. The intent of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate love. What better way to celebrate this by showering yourself in love and others, such as family and friends?

Start Your Day with Love

Take the opportunity to be kind to yourself on this day. Sleep in late. Set your intentions for the day. Take the day off from work. Buy yourself flowers and chocolate. Throw on some music and dance it out! Every day we get to live should be a reason to celebrate. Use this day as an excuse to celebrate it that much more.

Beware of Romantic Love Triggers

Avoid the romance movies, tv shows, and love songs as this may trigger feelings of loneliness on Valentine’s Day. The last thing you want to do is place yourself in a position where you are crying in a corner eating ice cream, obsessing over that one relationship that ended months ago. No need to elicit any unwanted feelings of sadness either.

When I was single, I completed avoided anything in the genre of romance on Valentine’s Day. I opted for humor, suspense, horror, ANYTHING but romance!

Make Plans

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to take yourself out on a date and enjoy your day outside of the house and out of those forsaken pajamas. Some solo fun dates to consider are:

  • Attending a workshop or event.
  • Visiting a museum or art gallery.
  • Booking a spa day.
  • Being a tourist in your own city/town.
  • Visiting a national park and immerse yourself in nature.

Phone a Single Friend

I was very adamant about not spending Valentine’s Day alone when I was single. I personally love the idea of love so staying home by myself and indulging in self-pity was never an option for me. Instead, I would coordinate plans with other single friends. We would spend the day doing whatever our hearts desired and ending the night with dinner and drinks.

If you do not have a single friend, do not fret. Get out there and make some new single friends! Despite what is commercially promoted about Valentine’s Day, there is a plethora of singles looking for the same thing you are looking for- a day where they can enjoy themselves. There are many events and activities available on Valentine’s Day specifically aimed for the interest of singles. You are bound to find yourself dancing, partying, drinking, and socializing with other singles in no time.

Spread the Love

I loved playing Cupid on Valentine’s Day. I would randomly send flowers with a short, thoughtful note to a few of my closest friends or would show up at their homes with chocolate or donuts. And by performing a sweet gesture such as this, my friends often felt inspired to pay it forward. Brightening someone’s day is always a good idea, regardless of what day it is. But let me tell you, it hits differently on Valentine’s Day, especially when you are single, and it is unexpected.

At the end of the day, who cares about your relationship status. It does not define the quality of your life, focus on the (YOU)R. Capitalize on this day, love on yourself, spread the love to others, and live this day freely and with passion. Now get out there and live your best single life!

To all my readers, whether you are single or in a relationship, I hope you have the most amazing Valentine’s Day surrounded by nothing but infinite good vibes. Cheers to LOVE! ❤

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Like a lotus flower, I emerge from dark, murky waters to reveal my beauty. Feeling and healing on this journey of life; glowing and flowing. I have always loved writing, but it has taken me 29 trips around the sun before I had to confidence to share publicly. I hope my writing, which is near and dear to my heart, sparks light and love in all of you. Make yourself at home and enjoy the ride!

21 thoughts on “The Singles’ Guide to Valentine’s Day

  1. The older I’ve gotten the less I’m bothered by Valentine’s Day. But when I was younger it was depressing to be alone while everyone else seemed to be coupling up to do something for. So why not follow these steps and do some self-love instead

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    1. In retrospect, Valentine’s Day is any other day but I’m also a very festive person who enjoys celebrating holidays 😂 I know a few people who are currently going through a breakup and a divorce and are feeling triggered by the upcoming holiday. Hopefully they find the will to look at it in a positive light and use that as an opportunity to shower themselves in love ♥️ thank you for reading!

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  2. We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day here (Bali). Every day can be Valentine’s so even though I’m single, Valentine is just another ordinary day for me. Thank you for sharing these tips x

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  3. Love this!!! I love to take Valentines Day as an opportunity to show myself even more self love. I definitely put music & danced it out lol…put up lights too & did a painting while jammin out to music lol It was a good Valentines Day! I love that you help give tips & encourage those who may struggle with this day to show more self love. I feel like that message doesn’t get put out there like that & it should. I was happy for those in love & celebrating ☺️ but I love how us singles can celebrate this day with such joy & love as well. Self love is soooooo important in any status. Great tips! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Let me just tell you, it is so refreshing to read a comment that express joy from reading this post, as opposed to reading “Valentine’s Day is just another day for me.” LOL 90% of the comments on this post pretty much said that! And of course Valentine’s Day is just another day but why not find an excuse to celebrate yourself more on a holiday like this? I’m so happy to hear you had a good one. Sounded like a lot of fun ❤ Thank you for reading!


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