Who is Angie Soul?

My Journey

In March 2019, I experienced a heart breaking life event that changed the very core of my being. I started regularly journaling just a few months before but after falling into a deep depression, I began to embark on a journey of healing. I wanted a platform I could express myself and all the internal turmoil I was feeling. A public journal, if you will. And so, I created this site in April 2019.

My Why

We all are deserving of empathy and compassion. I want to create a safe space for people. A place where people can read my thoughts and ideas and feel connected to me. A place where people can realize that they are not alone. A true judgement free zone. I hope when you read my posts, your heart feels a little lighter and more at peace knowing that you have a friend in me.

HR by day, Writer by Night

When I’m not pouring my heart into blogging and writing, I am climbing up the corporate ladder as an HR manager. I always joke around and self-proclaim myself as a walking contradiction. My lifestyle seems to live on a spectrum. My career in HR forces me to be reliable, responsible, and reserved but through my lifestyle blogs, all rules get thrown out! With my eclectic nature, it is hard to place me in a certain category or to be easily labeled. 

I truly appreciate you visiting and hope you stick around! Don’t be shy; drop a note and say hello 🙂 Sending so much love to you all.